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The items listed in this classifieds section are all offered subject to prior sale. They are stored in various LLJ Lumber locations, therefore for your convenience, we recommend you call and make arrangements prior to any pick up. Special Saturday pick ups are available with advance notice. Don't see what you want? Give us a call - we'll find what you need! 800-292-5937.



34200345 3/4" 4x8 Cherry Ply. QtrSwn A-1 11 $108.00
34200346 3/4" 4x8 Cherry Ply QtrSwn Shop 1 $97.00
34200446 1/4" 4x8 Hard Maple Ply. Shop 5 $29.00
34200464 3/4" 4x8 Hard Maple QtrSwn 8 $99.00
34209009 3/4"4x8 Hard Maple UV-2S Shop 9 $59.00
34205002 1-1/4" 4X8 MDF Regular Interior 26 $40.00
34209103  1" 4x8 Red Oak Plywood A-1  22 $85.00
34209032 1/2"4x8 Sapele Ribbon Mar. Shop 6 $79.00
34209034 3/4"4x8 Sapele Ribbon Mar. Shop 3 $95.00
34200981 3/4" 4x8 Walnut Plywood Shop 2 $84.00
34201431 3/4" 4x8 Knotty Pine Ply Shop 12 $56.00
Most plans for building beds take from 30 to 90 board feet, so even if it's necessary to plan another project, it's to your advantage to buy 100' and get the price break. Here are some of our most popular 4/4 choices: S&B Red Oak $244, S&B White Hard Maple $269, S&B Soft Maple White $259, D Select White Pine $261, and S&B Santos Mahogany $591. If you need thicker stock, or even a couple of different species, you can always combine items to attain the 100' price level. [87110725 (1245)]
ASH - 100BF, 4/4, S&B

For a craftsperson who doesn't mind staining, white ash is an economical alternative for red oak in your next project! Buy a 100bf of ash for $215 in the rough and if you mention this ad at the time of order we'll rip one edge and surface this material to your preference for just $15 more! $230 [87 100512 12]

BEECH - 100BF, 4/4, S&B

While we don't deal in Beech stair parts like railings, spindles, and newels - or in any species, for that matter, we've got 4/4 and 5/4 stock that can be used for stair treads and risers. To give you an idea, buy the material and glue it yourself... 100bf 4/4 Beech sells for $203, and 100bf of 5/4 is $223. OR, let us save you your valuable time and energy and glue the treads for you! A Beech tread 1-1/16" x 11-1/2" x 42" is just $35/tread when you order 3 or more. Not quite the size you're looking for? Contact our sales team toll free for your custom tread needs!

Brazilian Redwood decking is also known as Massaranduba. This clear deep dark red specie combines the beauty of real wood with natural durability, strength and easy maintenance. The machined surfaces are excellent to create a real touch of class and luxury. $2.77/LF. 13(87) 120223 45


Attention cigar smokers and everybody who knows one! Spanish cedar is the favorite for building humidors and we have it from 1/8" to 2" thick and 1/4"x4'x8' plywood. So if you are building a box, a room, or a store - give us a call. Spanish cedar is also great outdoors and has many uses from canoes to screen doors.
13 0502 0045

CHERRY - 200BF, 4/4, #2 COMMON

Our 200 bd ft bundle is back by popular demand. The price of lumber continues to rise but you know when you gotta have it, you gotta have it. $280 [09 100325 45]


At one point the National Hardwood Lumber Association rules had included standards for the red (heartwood) color in cherry. Twenty five years ago they dropped the color requirement. Why? Even that long ago the resource was dwindling and the rules made it to difficult for boards to make the grade. Consequently, the rules had to be changed.

So why is it so expensive?
Just like the best white hard maple comes from Northern Michigan, the best cherry comes from the Allegheny National Forest. The annual cherry harvest has been dropped from 100 million board feet to 20 million board feet. Meanwhile, the demand has remained very strong.

So how do I get the red cherry I want?
If your project doesn't need long pieces (bigger than 3-4') DON'T buy Select and Better. There will be more red color and you won't be paying the premium for large clear cuttings.


Looking for a candidate to replace the Redwood you could find at all the lumberyards 35 years ago? If you're building outdoor furniture or repairing the porch Cypress should be considered. Your billfold will look better too after you see the current price for Redwood. $292. 13[87] 120223 45
The extremely dense, tight-grained wood is a deep rich honey brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues. Besides the beauty, it has the highest rating for insect and decay resistance. Enough to cover a 12'x20' deck on 16" centers. $2128.60 [87110725 (45)]
Originally 4/4 FAS African ribbon mahogany that has been resawn to yield 3/8" rough sawn planks. Although this order was never picked up, it stands ready for the lucky customer looking for thin planks of African mahogany. The boards average 15' in length and have a pleasing light color that would accept your notion of leaving them natural or staining for a darker effect. Please inquire as soon as possible to inspect this special bargain! $4.50 @ bf for a total of $225. 87120330 [1278 l 45]
Recovered from a recent return, this stock is ready to move at $7.49 / bf. This South American mahogany is already jointed flat and surfaced to 3/4". The lengths run between 8-10', but are mostly 9-10'. We're sure that you can find a place in your next project for this bargain. Already priced at Price Level 4 and flattened to boot. How could you go wrong? Please inquire about this bargain as soon as possible, or it may be too late! Package price = $1101.03 (87121130 [1395-5])
When our customers asked for an economical alternative for mahogany, we recommend Santos Mahogany. It's got the color, hardness, density; it's wide, it's clear, and it's almost four bucks cheaper a board foot compared to South American mahogany. 4/4 Santos is $663 per 100bf. We even stock it in 5/4 too @ $695 per 100bf! Price level and quantity discounts apply! Call for current pricing today! 87110725 [45]
Our 4/4 White Hard Maple pricing has been REDUCED again. Pricing on 100bf is now just $2.82/bf, making your next project even more affordable! Hard maple has long been a popular choice for flooring, butcher blocks, and cabinets. Start your next project today! [06(87) 091202 12]
WORMY SOFT MAPLE - 100', 5/4, #1 & BETTER, 9-10' LENGTHS
Tom faxed a copy of his bunk bed plans and called to discuss the choice of wood. White Oak - too hard, Pine - too soft -Wormy Soft Maple just right! He liked the character. Compared to Pine, Soft Maple is hard. It is only soft when compared to Hard Maple and the coloration with the addition of some worm-holes added just the character Tom wanted for the bunk bed. A 100' was more material than he needed, but bought it to get the price break and planned to build a chest with the extra. When he said, "I can't believe I got this much lumber for $163!", I thought it was time to raise the price, but decided to write a classifed instead. $163
[13 0402 45]
WORMY SOFT MAPLE - 100', 4/4, S&B, $191 / or 100', 4/4, #1 & BTR, $158
Mark called back from Pittsburgh, PA. He says his wife is happy with her Wormy Soft Maple kitchen cabinets and now his daughter wants some too! The wormy is usually packaged #2&Btr, which might have a little too much character for some folks but when it's packaged Sel&Btr or #1&Btr, you get a product that's fun to create with and easy to work. From his experience it sounds great to work with... soft enough to sand without too much trouble, and takes stain very well! 06 090126 12

Make your new garden bed using Thermally Modified Yellow Pine.

We've been promoting thermally modified yellow pine for outdoor decking for sometime now. Lately however, and thanks to a customer who bought thermally modified yellow pine to make a series of raised garden beds for his new home, we thought to share the good news with you.

When you think about it, thermally modified yellow pine is perfect for this application and you don't have to worry about any chemicals seeping into your garden bed. Also,thermally modified yellow pine is rated to last more than 25 years, far outlasting treated lumber.

The thermal modification process works to fix the yellow pine's cellular structure, making it rigid, hard and completely water insoluble. Without this moisture component, the wood cannot absorb or emit moisture, thus becoming more stable and resistant to decay. Even insects and microbes turn their noses up at thermally modified wood since the wood's natural sugars are long gone. What's left is a hard and rigid product, less vulnerable to decay and more dimensionally stable and resistant to warping.]

When you plan your new garden bed, consider using Thermally Modified Yellow Pine]from LL Johnson Lumber. The material is available in a Select Framing Grade and comes in 2 x 6 nominal sizes, from 8 to 16' long. We also stock 4 x 4s for the corner posts. Please give us a call so we can help with your design and pricing! [87110610]

Nothing beats Southern Yellow Pine for flooring. It's tough with a warm glow that will last many generations. Lengths can run up to 16' long and we can rip two edges and surface to your desired thickness; making the boards ready for tongue and grooving. We're happy to list it here for just $2.23/bf when you buy at least 100bf or $2.23/bf for more than 500'. If you're looking for something to make a lasting impression, this might just make the grade! If you're looking for more character and knots, we can supply those grades as well. [06(87) 091202 4-5]
After a little bit of straightening and reorganizing, this bundle of 152bf of 1x6 #2Com Southern Yellow Pine surfaced in Jim's warehouse. The entire package is 16' long and has already been surfaced two sides to 7/8". We're happy to list it here for just $1.43/bf. If you're looking for something a bit 'rustic' this might just make the grade! $218 [06 080108 3935-4]
RED OAK, 114BF, 6/4, S&B, 10' MIN-12'MAX LENGTHS
HAVE A PROJECT REQUIRING SMALL PIECES? If you're looking for just the right package of 6/4 s&b red oak, this might be just right for you. This stock was removed from our inventory because of excessive cracks and splits. You say, "what about the cracks and splits?" Well, there is quite a bit of solid material outside and between those cracks and splits that might be just right for your next project requiring small pieces of thicker stock. What do you have to lose to at least come by and see for yourself. Don't wait long, this package is priced at $2.69 @ board foot -- $306.66
87120622 [9756 I 03]

A customer called asking us to make five edge glued panels for his 4/4 Red Oak project. His material list totaled about 75 board feet including the panels 3/4" x 20" x 28". Well - this is what we decided. He bought a 100' for $257, to take advantage of the price break. We glued the panels, straight lined and surfaced the balance, for $68. Give us a call. 800-292-5937,

Here's an idea for gift-giving. We have a customer that needed a 22" x 22" edge glued panel for a top to the table he was building. Our price for one panel was $43. After he understood our minimum charge for gluing one panel, he bought four panels for $22 each, and decided to build three more tables for gifts.

Sapele is gaining popularity! Because of its variable reddish-brown color, this member of the Mahogany family is often sought after as an economical alternative for any number of projects that would otherwise be made with Genuine mahogany. Some common uses for Sapele include: cabinets, doors, paneling, furniture, etc. From what I understand, it finishes well and gives off a scent resembling that of cedar when cut. We do our best to keep an inventory of Sapele in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4,and 8/4. Contact us today for your next project's needs! [06 080328 4/5]
Please consider this quarter sawn sapele recovered from a recent return. This stock has been resawn to yield 1/8" planks of random width by 16'. Native to Africa, sapele is highly valued because it compares to Genuine Mahogany. Although sapele's dark tones and purple-brown hues make it little more reddish than Genuine Mahogany, it's price will definitely carry the day when compared to Genuine. Sapele also works well with hand and machine tools and is used mainly for furniture, musical instruments, and marine applications. Don't let this one pass you by when you're considering your next mahogany project. $4.55 @ board foot with no charge for the machine work! 659.75
[87 2011 (0474 l 4)]
SASSAFRAS - 420BF, 4/4, #1 COMMON, 11.5' AVG LNGTH
Sassafras has an extensive history of legend and lore. The first Americans and early settlers considered sassafras to be a cure all for all sorts of ailments. Today, however, more than its medicinal qualities, people treasure Sassafras for its strength to weight ratio, making it perfect for boat building and canoes. We stock 1 common ($1.65 @ bf over 100bf) and select and better ($2.06 @ bf over 100bf). Both grades yield plenty of clear lumber as defined by the grade. Because of its strength and great price, we are sure you will feel much better after finding a place for Sassafras in your next project. [87091202 4-5]
WHITE OAK - 166BF, 8/4, #1 COMMON
We don't usually buy #1 common white oak, however, when Mike inspected a recent load of select & better, he noticed some questionable boards within some packs. After sorting the material, it was determined that this small lot should be sold as #1 common instead of select & better. We're offering the entire 166 package at $2.58 @ board foot (that's the 500 price!). You stand to save big when considering this package, how can you go wrong? $428.28 [ 8720111125 (6830 I 4)]

Sorted by our inspector, this package of 4/4 Rift White Oak was graded as #1Com. The material is 7'-8' in length and there are about 297bf of material left for grabs. In a similar fashion to the quarter sawn oak, this material might make for some really interesting pieces - lamps, jewelry boxes, furniture, etc. Let this package and it's price, $2.36/bf inspire you! $701
06 090129 6411-3

WHITE OAK - 60BF, 4/4, #1 COM, RIFT, 9' - 10' LENGTHS
After you quarter a log, then slice off a few quarter sawn boards, you get to rift sawn, which by this very process makes for narrow pieces. This pkg of #1 common holds up to this very discription as its 60bf of 4"-6" widths in 9-10' lengths. The #1 common grade lends itself to shorter cuttings between more defects than you'd find in selects. Priced for your needs @ $2.85/bf, $171 [09 090522 6561]

Mission style furniture, reminiscent of the classics made by the Stickley brothers, is very popular today. At the core of this classic look is quarter sawn white oak with its distinctive straight grain and medullar ray flecks. If you're inspired to recreate these classics please consider quartersawn white oak. This stock would make perfect surface veneer for cabinet doors or solid stock when making decorative accessories like mirrors, lamps, and picture frames. Give this material a chance to help you create your own reproductions of this popular style! $459 [87110725 (12)]

Quartered and Rift sawn White Oak is still very popular and our supply is excellent. What's the difference? The simplest answer is the grain in quarter sawn is 90 to 60 degrees with the face of the board and rift is 60 to 30.





Why not build Mom (or your wife or daughter) a potting bench? Buy the Craft Pattern plan from us for $8.95 and 100 board feet of Northern White Cedar R1E S2S to ¾ for $190. This will give you more than enough for 2 potting benches and enough left over for some window boxes.


Make this Cherry Julbilee. Our lumber pack of 110 bd ft of #1 com. Cherry 8' & shorter R1E & S2S 3/4" for only $391.00. will give you enough lumber to make this Blanket Chest.


Mike sorted this package special for brown or heart as the rules state. Lengths run 9-10' and would make plenty of material for many furniture projects on your to-do list. If you're in the market to make a set of book shelves, stop into one of our two locations (Charlotte MI or South Bend IN) to check-out the plans available from us. The plan I saw is called a "low cost bookcase" made from plywood in Woodsmith Magazine No. 159. You could still keep it low cost but improve on the design by making a sturdier and long lasting set of bookcases with our package of soft maple. At $1.99 @ bf, this 335' package would total $667.00 and help you furnish a small library!


This attractive piece won't take 100bf of lumber,our first price break, unless you make several mistakes, but anyone who does a nice job building this will be hounded by their spouse to build more so stock up on the wood. Pictured in quartered cherry, birch, & an accent of ebony, you may think of substituting birds eye or curly maple for the birch. Quartered white oak would make a nice sideboard as well. Approximate footage needed: 6 bf 8/4 cherry, 40 bf 4/4 cherry, 15 bf 4/4 poplar, 2 bf 4/4 birch, 0.5 bf ebony.


Need ideas for a birthday or an anniversary gift? This memory display table could be just the thing! With its hinged top and handy shelf, it's a breeze for displaying favorite mementos. Plans, (#CC64) from The Winfield Collection (woodcraft patterns), hardware and lumber for this memory display table are for sale at our showroom. Be sure to maximize your savings by buying 100bf of material: purchase roughly 75bf of 4/4 and 25bf of 8/4 and you will have plenty of material to build at least two or three of these treasures. Stop by... get started today!
Everyone can use a little help keeping his or her desk or countertops organized and this small project should help accomplish this. We have several lumber classifieds in Cherry, Maple, and Oak, to choose from so pick your favorite and let the fun begin. For plans see Woodsmith Magazine #103.

For your smaller plywood jobs, we have just the thing! Half sheets of numerous species that have minimal damage at garage sale prices. Call: 800-292-5937.


Numerous sizes and species of glued up panels, ranging from 12" to 20" in width to 18" to 72" in length. Currently 25% off regular price. Many to choose from!

If there ever was a lumber with a public relations problem, this is it! Let me clear up a few misconceptions:

  • It has holes like Swiss cheese.All the cuttings (the parts used to determine grade) have to be sound and to be a worm hole must be 1/8" or smaller.
  • "Soft" means "soft" like pine.Actually "soft" means "soft" compared to hard maple. This ain't no wimpy lumber!

I bought 100' a few months back and it's found its way into shop jigs, sawhorses, drawer sides, shop cabinets, toys and clocks. You can stain it to look just like cherry. You'll want to check out our Wormy Soft Maple lumber packs at left.


Your lumber purchases are fully guaranteed to be properly graded, measured and machined. LLJ does not guarantee products against loss or damage in transit due to circumstances beyond our control. To receive full credit for a returned package, the package must be in the same condition in which it wasreceived.

Current hardwood demand is well below early to mid 2000 peaks but is now better than it was in 2009 / 2010. This is due mostly to very large export growth of almost every specie of hardwood lumber. While domestic markets for hardwoods are still slow compared to the peaks of the mid 2000’s, there have been some modest improvements compared to 2010. With this in mind, lumber prices are expected to rise. It is our goal to communicate accurate, timely information to our customers.

Prices and availability of products presented on our website and in our publications are subject to change without notice. For the most current product, pricing, and service information, please keep checking our website, or call us at 800-292-5937

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